Special Food Events

Make any gathering great, fun, vibrant, happy and healthy. Just pick a day and a time and we will turn up with our fabulous array of super-food platters, nourishing high vibe cakes and energising cold pressed juices…

Pop-Up Restaurant & Cafe

Food Friends POP-UP in many beautiful locations, Cosmopolitan and Bohemian settings, turn up at fetes. festivals and food shows, in fact we could POP-UP anywhere in and around the Somerset, Bristol, & Bath area…

Workshops & Classes

Our workshops are designed to inspire, motivate and provide you with the skills to cook and enjoy eating delicious and nutritious food. Food which will nourish all of the senses mind, body and soul…

Work with Diana 1-2-1

Working ONE to ONE with Diana places individual and personal insight into your own personal health and well being. With Diana’s guidance you will uncover the underlying cause of an illness or imbalance instead of the symptoms presenting.

Private Workshops

Private Workshops and Classes with Diana are for those people who would like to organise their own personal class or workshop. Diana offers private classes and healthy cooking sessions to suit you and your own personal needs…

Outside Catering

Why not let Food Friends take care of your catering needs at your events and special occasions. We can provide food for occasions such as: Retreats, Weddings, Birthdays, Workshops, Festivals & Fetes…

About Us

Food Friends are passionate about putting the 'Va Va Voom' into healthy eating. Food Friends believe healthy food does not have to be boring or tasteless. It can be totally divine. Here at Food Friends, we like eating to be an experience that will stimulate and satisfy all the senses and at the same time leave the body feeling nourished and energised!

Bristol based Food Friends love to share their love and passion for natural, nutritional, healthy, plant based food and create special food events throughout the year. Our special pop-up café serves tasty, healthy, plant based meals for any event, from business lunches, breakfast meetings, weddings, groovy boogie nights, to yoga retreats. In fact any event requiring specialist, mindful catering. Our pop-up café is fully equipped and loves to promote health and well-being. Food Friends also organise nutrition & cookery classes and run a full nutrition consultancy service. We are inspired by vegan, gluten and refined sugar free cuisine. Our in-house natural nutritionist Diana Lynn is the driving force behind Food Friends. She has a special way of teaching and makes all of Food Friends events enjoyable, sociable, fun and friendly, hence the name ‘Food Friends’.

A bit about Diana Lynn...

Diana cured her own poor health using natural nutrition. Her inquisitive nature and sheer determination to feel well led her to researching the link between diet and health. She began reading books on nutrition and soon realised that what she was eating was contributing to her own health problems. She had lots of questions, and as a result of a close friend’s recommendation she made an appointment with a nutrition therapist, it was from this meeting that her questions began to be answered and her journey back to good health began. Her own healing journey inspired her to train as a practitioner herself and she now spends time helping others reach their own individual health potential.

Diana has worked with natural nutrition for many years and leads an holistic life. Natural Nutritional Therapy opened the door to her own inner wisdom which has since taken her on a journey of self-discovery. She has worked with the mind and body connection for many years and believes that we simply cannot heal one without the other, often this is what is missing in modern day culture. Her Journey has opened her creative nature, she loves to dance and often spends hours creating foodie treats in the kitchen. Diana studied Psych-k (Psychology Kinesiology) which has helped transform her own belief system and she often includes Psych-k practices when supporting someone one-to-one as limiting beliefs are often blocking the way for one's own creative potential and lifestyle changes.

Diana’s qualifications include a Diploma in Natural Nutrition (including Anatomy and Physiology) and an Advanced Diploma in Natural Nutrition. She is also an Advanced Psych-k Facilitator, Raw Food tutor & Chef.


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