Managing Hay Fever the Natural Way this Spring

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Although it feels like winter will never end, the good news is winter is on its way out making way for the new spring energy. We can soon celebrate blue skies and enjoy more time outdoors. Good news eh? Sadly not for many hay fever sufferers. Spring and summer can spell misery for many people who suffer with hay fever.

Hay Fever is caused by an over-production of histamine when confronted by pollen and other airborne substances. If you are a bit depleted after the winter period and you’re finding it difficult fending off colds & flu the body’s defenses are more likely to overact to harmless substances like pollen.

If you are supporting your body’s immune system with a good diet your defenses are less likely to go haywire during the spring when the pollen count rises, so it makes sense to eat a diet that will support your immune system and protect you from unpleasant symptoms like blocked sinuses, itchy and swollen eyes, coughs, runny noses and many more unpleasant respiratory irritations.

So before you reach for the anti-histamines, perhaps look to nature for a natural, sustainable approach to balancing your histamine levels this spring. There are a number of foods, nutrients and herbs that may be very beneficial in alleviating hay-fever symptoms and supporting the immune system in general, which has to be a good thing. Luckily for sufferers, nature has a few tricks up her sleeve, which don’t have any side-effects.

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