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Food Friends Special Pop-Up Food Events

Exciting pop-up events for your wellness – great for impressing guests too!

Energy Boosting Juices & Smoothies


All our juices are freshly made from Organic (where possible) seasonal fruits & vegetables (12oz) – £3.00

GREEN REVOLUTION – a combo of kale, spinach, celery, organic apples, pears and lemons will revolutionise your energy levels.

GINGER-ZINGER – a combo of organic apples, carrot, lemon and ginger will awaken your senses and make you tingle all over.

ENLIGHTENMENT – golden turmeric milk smoothie: A BIG hug of anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory turmeric, creamy almond milk and succulent mango to comfort and calm your mind & body.

Super Smoothie Bowls

Super Smoothies

All of our smoothie bowls are topped with fresh fruits, coconut chips and gluten free granola – £3.95

CHOCOLATE DREAM – banana, berries, coconut milk, raw Peruvian cacao and peanut butter.

BERRY-LICIOUS – banana, mixed berries, almond milk, super-strengthening maca powder and chia seeds.

Super-food Salad Box Menu

Super Food Salad Box

All of our meals are hand crafted by our resident nutritionist. We always use the freshest ingredients, which are organic (where possible). All hand made to order.

COSMIC AWAKENING BOX – Perfect super-seed salad to awaken your senses. Buckwheat, beetroot & quinoa salad with sunflower pate, house hummus, garden herb tonic, edible flowers and house dressing – £5.50

GREEK GODDESS – Sunshine infused vitality box, for a taste of the med. Greek beans & quinoa tabbouleh, dolomades, roasted tomato, basil & pepper, house hummus and grilled halloumi.* Comes with a traditional olive oil & lemon dressing. (vegan option available) – £5.95

BUDDHA BOX – Our favourite box full of soulful nourishment and wholesome love. Includes spiced, roasted seasonal veggies, quinoa tricolor mix, spicy chickpeas, marinated kale & broccoli, sunflower pate, avocado and house dressing – £5.95

TUMMY LOVE – Gut healing, happy tummy foods. Includes pre-biotic rich chicory, dandelion, grilled artichoke & asparagus salad and short grain brown rice, along with pro-biotic rich fermented raw sauerkraut, kim-chi and topped with raw creamy cashew cheese. Comes with a coconut dressing – £6.50

GAIA’S GLORY – For grounding back to earth with mother nature. Features high enzymatic alkalising super-foods, essential minerals, plant protein and good fats without the compromise of taste Includes garden leaves, herbs, olives, activated nuts & seeds, baby shoots, vibrant sprouts, micro-greens, flowers, berries, and topped with protein rich avocado. Comes with a tangy raspberry dressing – £5.50

All Super-food platters include vibrant fresh leaves, bean-sprouts, dressing pot and all topped with a sprinkle of toasted nuts & seeds.

Hot meals & sandwiches also available on request. Ask for details.


White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

All of our cakes are no bake, vegan, gluten, refined sugar free and made to order. A couple of favorites are:

HEAVEN – Decadent chocolate & orange torte. Raw organic peruvian cacao blended with creamy cashews, oranges and super-energising lucuma on a nutty, chocolate base make this torte guaranteed to take you to chocolate heaven – price on request

TRANQUILLITY – White chocolate & raspberry cheese-cake. Serenity at its best. Raw organic cacao butter blended with creamy cashews with hints of sweet raspberry which delight with every bite on a coco-nutty base – feels like a lovers kiss – price on request

SNICKER SLICES – Our best-selling protein rich peanut, chocolate and caramel bar will comfort and nurture you on the go – £3.00 each

CREAMY TRUFFLES – Enjoy a moment in paradise with gorgeous hazelnuts, creamy coconut truffle centre and coated in our raw Peruvian organic dark chocolate – £2.50 each

GROOVY BALLS – Protein packed energy balls, full of groovy goodness, zinging you up any time of the day or night – £2.00 each

Specialty cake prices available on request. For wholesale customers please contact us.

Make any gathering great, fun, vibrant, happy and healthy. Just pick a day and a time and we will turn up with our fabulous array of super-food platters, nourishing high vibe cakes and energizing cold pressed juices. We can make your business meeting buzz with creativity, take your team building lunch to another dimension and make your breakfast meeting dynamic and reviving.

Whatever the occasion, from corporate business gatherings, breakfast meetings, evening boogies, yoga retreats, festivals or any event which requires great, healthy plant based food, just give us a call. It’s our pleasure to serve.

Our menu’s are created by a nutritionist & health chef. We create food from our love of healthy, vibrant, natural, plant based foods. Our aim is to leave you you feeling light, well nourished and satisfied. All of our menu’s are free from meat, gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar unless otherwise stated*